Entered life: August 16, 1993

Tiffany was a beautiful, fun-loving, and energetic 14 year-old who was weeks away from entering her freshman year of high school when her life was cut short at the hands of a drinking boater. Tiffany loved to play softball, dance, and spend time with her family and friends. Tiffany was the girl who would reach out a helping hand to anyone in need. She was the first to greet new students and would support her friends in any situation.

Tiffany loved her family and looked up to her big sister, Lauren. She also loved her two dogs Casey and Evander. Tiffany played softball for MVGSA and was an exceptional player who loved to bring her corky personality to the field. She was given the nickname “Tillys” by her beloved teammates. Before her passing Tiffany had joined the Murrieta Dance Project studio where she expressed her love for dance.

In the early hours of July 6th, 2008 the Breslin family had to make the most difficult decision of their lives. After learning Tiffany was brain dead and would not awake from her coma the Breslin family was asked if they wanted to make Tiffany an organ donor. The question came as a shock and was presented at a delicate time. Having only minutes to discuss the decision the Breslin family, with heavy hearts, chose to make Tiffany an organ donor. The decision to make Tiffany an organ donor seemed fitting seeing that she was a loving and giving individual. Through the gift of organ donation Tiffany was able to save three lives.

Entered eternal life: July 6, 2008