Tiffany’s Gift, formally named “The Tiffany Amber Breslin Memorial Fund”, was created by Debbie, Mike, and Lauren Breslin. Tiffany’s Gift is a 501(c) 3, non-profit foundation. The Breslin family’s ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving and to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening to other families. The Breslin family would like to thank those whom support our efforts and those who have given generously to fund our endeavors. God has truly blessed our family with an overwhelming amount of love and support.

Tiffany’s Gift encourages drinking responsibly. We are a growing foundation who is always looking for helping hands. We are open to new ideas on how to get our message heard throughout our community and others. If you are interested in joining our efforts please e-mail Debbie Breslin at or Lauren Breslin at We also strongly encourage others to consider becoming organ donors. For more information on organ donation and if you would like to register as an organ donor please visit

Mission Statement

Tiffany’s Gift has been formed to:

  • Promote awareness and teach others about the importance of safe driving of any vehicle.
  • Raise awareness about the effects of drunk boating and drunk driving.
  • Seek proper enforcement of the laws on the waterways through DUI checkpoints and an increased ratio of police-to-public users.
  • Save lives through increased awareness and stress the importance of organ donation.
  • Raise funds for academic and sports scholarships.
  • Help other foundations that are close to our heart with fundraising opportunities.

Tiffany’s Gift is associated with the following foundations: